Install a New Water Heater Without Delay

Install a New Water Heater Without Delay

Same Day Water Heater Pros offers water heater installation services in CO

When you need a new water heater, you need to know that your installation crew will care for your property properly. You want your water heater installation work done by experienced professionals, and you want those professionals to keep the new heater running smoothly.

Same Day Water Heater Pros understands what you want in a water heater company. We won't just perform water heater installation work and leave you with the upkeep. We offer a full range of water heater services, including repair and maintenance services.

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You can count on us for both residential and commercial water heater installation services. Once you choose between electric, gas and tankless heaters, we'll help you shop brands like Bradford White, State and Navien.

Water Heater Replacement

There are many compelling reasons to replace your water heater. Some of those include:

● Better energy efficiency

● Improved water quality

● Increased safety

● More efficient response to demand

● Reduced energy costs

Our team at Same Day Water Heater Pros knows that doing without hot water is a considerable inconvenience for busy families and may impact normal operations for businesses, which is why we make sure we get to you on the same day when you don't have hot water. There are some warning signs to look for, including increased repair calls, leaking, water that isn't hot or inconsistent despite average demand. You may not always have or notice those symptoms, but if your water heater is ten to twelve years or older, or hasn’t had any maintenance in years, it's time to schedule a replacement before you have failure and/or potential damage.

Technological advances allow homeowners and business owners to reap benefits like lower energy bills due to efficient power use, on-demand capabilities, and improved ability to maintain temperatures. Not only is it better for operating efficiency, but new water heaters provide improved safety. After replacing your new energy-efficient appliance, we'll ensure that your temperature is set at a level that's safe for your family and adequate for any cleaning job. Your heater should never exceed 125° F., as it could cause burns.

If you need a new water heater Call 720-900-5395 for a free quote on water heater installation today.

Same Day Water Heater Pros is the leading Boulder water heater installation company for a reason. We know how much our customers depend upon us to get the hot water in their homes and businesses back up and running smoothly and safely. They know they can count on us for rapid response, professional and honest service, excellent products, and reasonable prices. Whether you need water heater installation or maintenance services, we will be there for you when you need us.

Conventional Tank-Type Water Heaters for Homes and Businesses

Many people are most familiar with conventional tank-type water heaters. You may be surprised when you are ready to upgrade your hot water system to have so many options. They remain popular due to their large capacity, keeping anywhere from 20 to 80 gallons of hot water ready to go. Tank water heaters are also the most economical choice when you compare replacement costs.

In a conventional tank water heater, the tank fills with cold water as the hot water is used, creating a ready source of hot water as long as the entire tank is not emptied before the cold water can be heated. They can be powered by natural gas, electricity, propane, and other fuels. There are two heating elements in an electric water heater, one in the middle and one at the bottom, to heat the water more evenly and quickly. Gas water heaters heat the water in the tank with burners.

If you choose a tank-style heater, there are two important considerations. One is the fuel type. You need to make sure that you select a heater powered by the type of fuel available in your structure. For instance, if your home is all-electric, a gas water heater won't work for you.

The other consideration is capacity. When you bought your home as a young couple, a 40-gallon tank may have been perfectly adequate for the two of you. If your family has grown, you may have many more people vying for that same 40 gallons of water. You may want to consider upgrading to a 50-gallon tank or more, depending upon how many people live there and how much laundry or dishes you do each day.

Water heater installation and replacement in Denver, Littleton, and Lakewood, CO, can be done in as little as two hours. Replacement in older structures, however, may present challenges that take more time. The key to getting professional results for your Boulder water heater installation in new or older buildings is using a plumbing service with expertise and experience. The licensed plumbers at Same Day Water Heater Pros can walk you through picking the right tank for your needs and get it installed quickly and up to code for your area.

Tankless Water Heaters for Homes and Businesses

One of the options you have for your water heater installation is a tankless water heater. Instead of holding large amounts of heated water, a tankless system delivers hot water on demand. When you turn on your hot water, cold water is fed into the unit, where a gas burner or electric
element heats the water. What that means to you is a constant supply of hot water that won't run out over time

These alternatives to tank water heaters have several advantages. They last much longer than the eight to 12-year lifespan of a conventional water heater, working efficiently for 20 years or more. Since they don't store large amounts of water in a tank, they are less likely to corrode or develop leaks. Tankless water heaters are also small and can be attached to a wall, requiring much less space than a conventional tank-type heater.

The only downside is that they are more expensive to install. However, because they are much more energy-efficient, and last twice as long or more as a tank heater
requiring less replacement, they are much more cost-effective over time. Because they don't have to constantly keep large amounts of water hot even when you are on vacation, tankless water heaters are highly energy efficient. Gas or petroleum-powered tankless water heaters can use as much as 20% less energy and have the additional advantage of producing lower greenhouse gas emissions.

If you are deciding whether you should choose a tankless style for your water heater installation, consider the following:

  • They provide endless hot water with no heat loss.
  • They can last 20 years or more...
  • They are highly energy-efficient, with UEl efficiencies of up to .96. There are rebates available after installation.
  • They are available with high-tech features such as Wi-Fi compatibility and smart home integration, allowing remote monitoring and control of recirculation, temperature, and usage via a mobile app.

If you are trying to decide on the right water heater option for your home or office, let the highly qualified and experienced team at Same Day Water Heater Pros help. We are experts in water heater installation of various brands. Contact us today for service.

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