Water Heater Brands Serviced

Effective water heater treatment requires more than a basic knowledge of plumbing. With all of the makes and models available on the market, contractors need to be well-versed in the intricacies of different water heater brands, too. Same Day Water Heater Pros serves commercial clients throughout the Littleton, Denver, and Lakewood areas of Colorado. We provide same-day service, including 24/7 emergency service, to repair, replace, and install water heaters. To provide the best service to our clients, we provide repairs for the most common issues and service all top water heater brands.

Commercial Water Heater Services

We serve commercial clients such as businesses, restaurants, medical facilities, and more by providing same-day service for water heater problems. Some of the water heater repair services we most commonly provide include:

  • Installation of new units
  • Replacement of old units
  • Routine maintenance
  • Repairs and part replacements

Our services come with a warranty that we commit to fully, so you never need to worry about the quality of our work. Trust Same Day Water Heater Pros for all of your commercial water heater needs.

List of Brands Serviced

For water heaters with tanks, we service an array of brands — and even if yours isn’t on this list, we’ll do our best to provide the service you need. These are the top five water heater brands serviced for commercial clients in Denver.

Bradford White

Founded in 1881, Bradford White is one of the oldest and often considered the best water heater brand in America. This reputation comes from its unbeatable warranty coupled with superior performance. Bradford White is the obvious choice for commercial clients looking to install a new water heater or replace an existing one, and we proudly service these units.

AO Smith

AO Smith manufactures a range of water heater products that are great for commercial clients. The company is headquartered in Milwaukee and boasts the title of being the largest maker and marketer of water heaters within the North American market. Their popularity is well-earned. These are great water heaters for commercial clients seeking value and reliability as well as name brand recognition.


State water heaters focus primarily on energy efficiency, making them a great option for any commercial client looking to save money. The company also makes water heaters that run on both gas and electricity, so you can find a State water heater to keep your water warm no matter what power source you rely on. Call us when your State water heater requires service.


General Electric, better known as GE, may be the most recognizable brand that we service in the greater Denver area. GE water heaters boast better energy efficiency and higher capacity tanks — great for commercial clients who anticipate heavy hot water usage. We service all GE water heater products by providing repair, replacement, and general maintenance.

Tankless Brands Serviced

Tankless water heaters offer many benefits that make them preferable for commercial clients. Unlike traditional water heaters that heat water continuously, a tankless heater heats only as much water as your facility needs. This might result in lower energy bills as well as a longer lifespan compared to a traditional unit. We service the following brands of tankless water heaters for commercial clients in the Littleton area.


Navien is one of the top manufacturers of non-condensing tankless water heaters. The brand’s heaters provide a continuous water flow with no reheating period — saving you time and energy. This is thanks to the brand’s NaviTech™ heat exchanger, made from stainless steel and offers superior eco-friendly performance. This is ideal for commercial clients who seek reliable and affordable water heating.


Rinnai is yet another tankless water heater manufacturer that creates reliable and energy-efficient models that are great for commercial use. The brand says that their units last twice as long as competitors, and they back up this claim with an impressive warranty. The best way to extend the lifespan of your Rinnai water heater — or any water heater — is to invest in regular maintenance, like the service provided by Same Day Water Heater Pros.

Water Heater Service for the Top Brands

This list of brands serviced represents the breadth of our expertise at Same Day Water Heater Pros. We don’t just specialize in water heaters. We go above and beyond to ensure we’re familiar with all the top models on the marking, including traditional and tankless units and gas and electric models. No matter what kind of water heater your commercial enterprise has, we can help maintain it, replace it, or repair it. Commercial clients in Littleton, Denver, and Lakewood are welcome to call us at (720) 900-5395 24/7 for emergencies or reach out to us online.


Image Source: Skylines / Shutterstock