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water heater repair

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Service and Repair
While there are purportedly some health benefits to cold showers, it's not ideal for every situation. When you have a fully functioning water heater, you can choose your perfect shower or bath temperature. Somehow, even if you look forward to a cool shower on a hot day, it doesn't seem nearly as appealing if you know that's your only choice. Don't get trapped into putting up with no hot water when you need it the most. 

Even if your water heater is less than ten years old, there are still many factors that can affect its operation and its functional life. Sediment is notorious for building up on the bottom of hot water tanks, particularly in gas water heaters, reducing energy efficiency. You may notice an increase over time in your energy bills. If you experience dirty water coming from the tap or your hot showers are getting shorter and shorter, it's time to schedule a service call for your hot water heater repair. 

The best way to keep your water heater functioning optimally and available for you when you need it is with periodic service. It will pay you back in convenience and efficiency over time. Keep your heater working at its best is also eco-friendly. Less water waste from running your taps waiting for hot water is good for the planet.

Call us today if you notice any of the following signs:
● Insufficient or inconsistent heat
● Water that tastes looks or smells off
● Hot water runs out quickly
● Leaks
● A pilot light that won't stay lit
● Crackling or popping sounds coming from your tank while heating

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When you contact us, we'll arrange for water heater repair services and work with your water heater warranty. You'll surely be satisfied with our service and your restored water heater.
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Same Day Water Heater Pros is known for our high-quality work, affordable pricing and excellent customer service. No matter which type of water heater service you need, from water heater emergency services to water heater installation services, we're prepared for the task. You'll see why our customers appreciate us when you experience our work and our customer service for yourself.

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