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Plumbing Services


Same Day Water Heater Pros offers high-quality plumbing services in Denver, Littleton, Arvada, and more at reasonable prices and has exceptional experience in the industry. Regardless of your plumbing problem, from basic plumbing to water heater set-up, we are more than qualified and capable of handling the job.



Water heaters are much like the core of any home in terms of structure. They operate 24/7, day and night, heating and supplying water in all of your home’s pipelines and allowing you to wash in hot water practically instantaneously. 


However, water heaters, as important as they are, tend to be disregarded frequently. Experts suggest yearly checks of your water heater by a technician to ensure that every component works properly and to spot any concerns before they become serious. At Same Day Water Heater Pros, we deal in water heater setup, replacements, and repair services. Therefore, you can count on us being your plumbing ally from beginning to end.



Plumbing work in apartments or multistory structures comes with some special requirements, and not all practitioners have the knowledge and expertise appropriate to handle the work. If you pick the wrong supplier and they don’t handle the work correctly, not just one household could be affected, but the entire building. Same Day Water Heater Pros has a lot of expertise in the field, and we offer a warranty on our water heater fixes and installations.




One of the most significant chores when making your commercial structure fit for operation is installing a commercial water heater. Installing a new business water heater, be it on a new or established property, eliminates costly problems down the line. Your business’s water heater can endure up to 15 years if it is not subject to abuse, breakage, sediment accumulation, improper installation, or faulty servicing. Consider Same Day Water Heater Pros for a speedy, skilled installation in any type of commercial property.




Allow Same Day Water Heater Pros to lend a hand with any of your water heater problems if you require water heater services at fair rates. We always check your water heater performance in accordance with your needs and demands to help you rapidly and effectively service your water heater.




Every day, restaurants depend on heated water to function. Some of the frequent uses of warm to hot water within such establishments include thoroughly sterilizing utensils, cooking meals, and cleaning hands. Such applications require a properly-functioning water heater, which should always be installed by a professional plumber.


Same Day Water Heater Pros can assist you with selecting, installing, and configuring a new water heater, so you don't have to worry about running out of hot water. Or perhaps a fix to your restaurant's current water heater is all that is required, rather than a complete replacement.

Defective in-line valves, pressure drops, unclean or no-warm water, out-of-service pilot lights, a faulty thermostat, control panel faults, and even entire control board upgrades are all common problems. Our skilled plumbers execute these fixes swiftly and safely, allowing you to reopen your operation with little downtime and income loss.

Tankless Water Heater Installation


Homeowners can benefit from tankless water heaters in several ways. They require less space, and because they don't hold continuously heated water, highly energy-efficient.
A tankless water heater is typically more costly up front, but has a longer lifespan, balancing out costs in the long term… A tankless heater can last up to 20 years, but a standard water heater typically only lasts 10-12 years. We can handle both tankless and classic tank-style water heaters, along with substituting your tank with a tankless one.


Emergency Plumbing Services


Water heater emergencies can happen at the most inopportune times and must be handled immediately before they progress and pose a serious threat.  Smaller issues can include a noisy water heater, inadequately heated water, foul-smelling, and discolored water, or drips and/or leakage at various points of the heater. We are available immediately if you require your water heater to be checked for any of these issues.  


Our qualified water heater technicians can swiftly diagnose the problem, determine its source, and recommend a fix. We strive to earn our client’s trust by being upfront and reasonable, whether your heater requires repair or replacement.  We will NEVER try to sell you something you don’t need!!!



Including the services mentioned above, we proudly offer services for most of the plumbing components in your home, which include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Garbage disposal installation
  • Toilet installation
  • Whole house 3/4" or 1” PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) Install
  • House water pressure check
  • Sink & Tub faucet installation
  • Smart main water shutoff valve installation
  • Water heater shut-off valve installation
  • Water and sewer leaks
  • Water and sewer line repipes


Please contact us today if you have any questions about the plumbing in your home.




We take pride in being Colorado's top pick for water heater installations, services, repairs, and replacements. Everybody in our organization dedicates themselves to producing high-quality work and providing empathetic customer care. We are punctual, competent, and dependable at all times. Whether you need a new water heater fitted or have concerns with your current one, we are here to help. Stop searching for “Colorado water heater repair” and contact us right away if you have any issues with your water heater or other plumbing problems, or would like to learn more about our pricing and services!


Current Plumbing Specials


Badger 100 Garbage disposal installed for just $225


PROFLO toilet installed for just $250 (includes toilet)

Whole house 3/4" PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) Installed for just $150

FREE house water pressure check

Standard faucet installation $100 (does not include faucet)

Kitchen sink faucet installation $150 (does not include faucet)

Audible water heater leak alarm FREE with ANY service or install

MOEN 3/4" FLO Smart main water shutoff valve installed $600

DOME Home automation smart water shut off valve installed $150

FLOODSTOP V4 Water heater AUTO shutoff valve. If a leak on your water heater is detected, the valve automatically closes! Installed $250

Emergencies don't always happen when you have time to wait for repairs, especially when something's wrong with your plumbing. Serious problems must be repaired before they worsen and cause damage. If you need emergency plumbing repair services without delay, call Same Day Water Heater Pros. We'll perform your plumbing repair work right away.