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General Plumbing Services

General Plumbing Services

2021 Plumbing Specials

Same Day Water Heater Pros is known for our high-quality plumbing work, affordable pricing and excellent customer service. No matter which type of plumbing service you need, from general plumbing services to water heater installation services, we're prepared for the task. You'll see why our customers appreciate us when you experience our work and our customer service for yourself.

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Current Plumbing Specials

Badger 100 Garbage disposal installed for just $150

PROFLO toilet installed for just $250 (includes toilet)

Whole house 3/4" PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) Installed for just $150

FREE house water pressure check

Standard faucet installation $100 (does not include faucet)

Kitchen sink faucet installation $150 (does not include faucet)

Audible water heater leak alarm FREE with ANY service or install

MOEN 3/4" FLO Smart main water shutoff valve installed $600

DOME Home automation smart water shut off valve installed $150

FLOODSTOP V4 Water heater AUTO shutoff valve. If a leak on your water heater is detected, the valve automatically closes! Installed $250