Littleton Water Heater Repair & Installation

Littleton Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Littleton Water Heater Repair & Installation

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Same Day Water Heater Pros are your Littleton water heater repair experts. We offer a variety of water heater services, from installation to maintenance to emergency services. When you call us, we’ll get to work quickly to effectively resolve whatever issue your water heater faces at an affordable price. We also back our work with a guarantee that our competitors just can’t match. If you’re dealing with cold showers every morning, give us a call today! 

Common Water Heater Issues 
Depending on a variety of factors, including brand and usage, your water heater should last around 10 years. The best way to make sure that yours hits that milestone is to take quick action whenever you notice a problem with your water heater. Small fixes now can save you from spending big bucks on a costly repair or a replacement unit. So, make sure to keep an eye out for some common water heater issues: 

• Anode rod overuse: The anode rod stays in constant contact with the water inside the tank to help pull out irons that could lead to rust. However, over time, the rod will begin to wear down and need replacement. If the worn-down rod is left in the tank, your hot water will begin to take on a rusty-brown color. 

• Bacteria build-up: Sulfur bacteria can begin to build-up in the water inside the tank due to a lack of draining and cleaning. If you notice that your water smells like rotten eggs, this is likely due to growing sulfur bacteria.

• Broken dip tube: Your water heater’s dip tube helps transfer fresh water to the bottom of the tank, where it can heat up faster. When the dip tube breaks, you’ll experience a noticeable lack of warm water when you turn on the faucet or take a shower. 

• Excessive condensation or leaking: If your water heater is leaking, you should make sure to get diagnosed and fixed immediately. Standing water can not only ruin your water heater, but it can also cause mold growth or damage your floors. 

• Inaccurate thermocouple readings: Your thermocouple should give an accurate indication as to the temperature of the water. If it’s saying your water is hot but only cold water pours from your faucet or showerhead, you’ll need to replace the thermocouple as well as repair the underlying cause of the lack of hot water. 

• The pilot light is out: Your pilot light is a small flame that is a component of gas water heater systems. There could be many reasons why the light is out, but you likely won’t have hot water if it's not on.

• Sediment build-up: Sediment can interfere with the heating element within the water tank, which will lead to water that needs a long time to heat up, if it ever heats up at all. 
Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair 

It is essential to take steps to fix your water heater whenever it begins to malfunction. Delaying or forgoing repairs can not only lead to larger issues with the water heater, but it can also lead to property damage or mold growth. Even if your sinks and bathtubs are producing hot water, you should still keep an eye and ear out for typical signs that your water heater requires repair: 

• Pooled water by the water heater: Any standing water near your water heater is a sign that it may be leaking. Make sure to check the bottom of the drain valve and T & P valve at the bottom of the tank. If you don’t notice any leaking water, check the pressure relief valve at the top of the tank, as well as any connections of any pipes or tubes. There is a chance the pooling water is the result of condensation from nearby appliances, but even that can lead to issues like mold. 

• Rusty colored water: There’s nothing quite as disquieting as seeing discolored water coming out of your faucet. The source of the problem may lay in the rusty interior of a soon-to-be-replaced water heater, or it could be from corroded iron pipes. If the reddish-brown water only appears when you switch on the hot water, it’s likely the water heater that’s at fault. 

• Your water heater is making rumbling sounds: Stand close to your water heater and try to listen carefully to any sounds emanating from inside of it. If you hear rumbling or strange bangs or clanging as the water heats up, there’s likely a build-up of sediment inside the tank. This sediment can increase the amount of time it takes for water to heat up as well as potentially break holes or cracks into the tank itself. 

Why Choose Same Day Water Heater Pros 
If you notice any of these signs of water heater issues, give Same Day Water Heater Pros a call today at 720-900-5395 or reach out to us through our website. If you need a new water heater, we’re also the Littleton water heater repair installation experts. We can perform repairs on a wide variety of brands, and our customer-focused services can help remove the frustration that comes from cold, rusty, or smelly water.