Arvada Water Heater Repair

Arvada Water Heater Repair

Arvada Water Heater Repair

Same Day Water Heater Pros offers water heater replacement services, along with additional water heater services throughout the Arvada, CO area!

Your business’s water heater is an indispensable resource. You probably don’t think about it much, but commercial businesses rely on water heaters for washing clothes, doing dishes, and accomplishing many other tasks that cannot be done without hot water. With all of this wear and tear, it’s no surprise that this appliance sometimes requires Arvada water heater repair. There are plenty of reasons why your water heater may need repair, and sometimes it simply needs to be replaced. The average RESIDENTIAL water heater lasts 10 to 15 years before it requires replacement, but a COMMERCIAL heater will often fail much sooner depending on use.  In a commercial application, it is much more important to perform regular and preventative maintenance to ensure your business can stay up and running.  Whether you need a new unit or a simple repair, though, Same Day Water Heater Pros can help.

Common Water Heater Issues

Many different issues can arise and cause a water heater to fail. If you’ve noticed that your hot water heater is malfunctioning or failing to supply hot water consistently, one of the following problems may be the culprit.

No Hot Water

When a hot water heater simply ceases to supply hot water altogether, you’re sure to notice pretty quickly. If it’s not resolved, this problem can quickly wreak havoc on a business and even threaten to stop operations. There are many reasons why you may have no hot water, including the following:

  • Circuit breaker is tripped
  • Failed heating elements
  • Thermostat limit issue
  • Leak in the heater’s tank
  • Extremely hot weather

Though this issue is inconvenient — to say the least — it can often be resolved with a simple fix. Same Day Water Heater Pros can quickly assess the problem and apply whatever solution is necessary.

Water Leaking From the Bottom of the Water Heater

If you’ve noticed that the bottom of your water heater has sprung a leak, this is another problem that must be addressed — and it may cause the aforementioned problem of no hot water. Most modern water heaters are installed with a tray below to prevent leaks from ruining the flooring. Still, it necessitates professional assessment, as it may be a sign that a drain valve has broken or come loose.

Water Leaking From the Top of the Water Heater

Sometimes a water heater springs a leak from the top of the tank. Depending on the severity of the leak, this may be an emergency situation that causes damage if not addressed immediately. That’s why it’s best to call Same Day Water Heater Pros as soon as you notice this. It could indicate a part such as a pipe, inlet, or fitting that has become broken or loose.

Dirty or Rusty Colored Water

Nobody wants to see water that’s oddly colored. It does happen, though, and there are many potential causes. In rare instances, it may be evidence of contamination from the water supply, but more commonly, it indicates that a single part of your water heater has become rusted. The anode rod is a common culprit, and they require replacement every few years — so if you see rust-colored water, it may be time.

Arvada, CO Water Heater Installation

More than likely, you will eventually need to replace your business’s water heater — or, if you’re opening a new business, you’ll need to invest in new water heater installation. Same Day Water Heater Pros offers electric, gas, and tankless water heater installation from the top brands in the industry:

  • Bradford White
  • AO Smith 
  • State
  • GE 
  • Rheem
  • Navien
  • Rinnai

We are the name to trust if you need a new water heater. Most businesses would struggle to survive a day without hot water, and that’s why we prioritize your time above all else. We understand how urgent a water heater situation can be, so we strive to provide prompt and professional service to each of our commercial clients.

Arvada, CO Water Heater Repair

When your business needs Arvada water heater repair, time is of the essence. You can’t wait around and put your business on pause with no idea when the problem will be resolved. That’s why Same Day Water Heater Pros offers Arvada water heater repair professionals who attend to calls as soon as possible. Your water heater may need repair if you’ve noticed any of the following:

  • Heat is inconsistent or nonexistent
  • Your water looks, smells, or tastes different
  • There never seems to be enough hot water
  • You’ve noticed leaks coming from the unit
  • Pilot light continuously turns off
  • The tank makes a popping or crackling noise

If any of these issues describe what you’re dealing with, don’t worry — we can help.

Why Same Day Water Heater Pros for 24/7 Emergency Water Heater Repairs in Arvada, CO

The care, repair, and maintenance of your water heater should only be entrusted to the best professionals in the industry. You need to know that the person repairing your tank knows what they’re doing. Same Day Water Heater Pros offers professional water heater installation and servicing for commercial clients throughout the greater Arvada, CO area. We have helped countless businesses quickly resolve emergency water heater issues, and we can help you, too. Call our 24/7 line at (720) 900-5395 or reach us online.

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