Apartment/Municipal Water Heater Installation in Greater Denver Area

Apartment/Municipal Water Heater Installation in Greater Denver Area

Installing Water Heaters in Aparments or Multistory Buildings

Apartment or multistory buildings present some unique needs when it comes to plumbing. Not every service provider has the experience you need for this type of property. If you choose the wrong provider, you have not only affected one family but potentially an entire building of families. Same Day Water Heater Pros has extensive experience in this area, and we back up our water heater repairs and installation with a warranty. 

How Does Plumbing in an Apartment Work?

Apartment buildings are classified as multistory or multiple dwellings. A multistory building has many floors, presenting a challenge for the municipal water system in reaching all floors adequately. Pressure is the primary concern with these buildings. Multistory apartment buildings require a system specifically designed to help deliver water dependably and sufficiently for inhabitants of even the higher floors.

Multiple dwelling buildings are designed more like single-family homes. They don't have the issue of adequate vertical pressure since they are typically single-floor units. Instead, they are designed with an elaborate system of branching pipes, valves, and faucets that ensure the water gets to where it is needed. Efficiency is the primary concern with this type of plumbing system. This type of system could be confusing to those not experienced or trained in multiple dwelling plumbing. 

Water Pressure in Apartments

Different systems are necessary for multistory apartment buildings to ensure the highest floors have the same access to water as the lower floors. This is due to the pressure required to move the water from the municipal water supply to the higher units. There are a few techniques that can solve the problem:

  • Gravity-based roof tanks - Gravity tanks store water for use by the building. They use high elevation to take advantage of gravity to distribute the water throughout the floors. 
  • Booster pumps - A booster pump increases pressure to improve the flow necessary to move water from a municipal system or storage tank to supply the entire building. 
  • Hydropneumatic storage tanks - Used for multistory buildings; these are fed water from another storage tank or the municipal water supply. Air pressure then pushes the water throughout the building's plumbing system. 
  • Demand controls - Hot water recirculation delivers hot water via piping loops to ensure hot water is available for every family. However, it can be inefficient. Demand controls sense when there is a higher demand for hot water so that it can initiate recirculation.

Water Heater Efficiency

Water heating accounts for 20% of the energy used in apartments. However, with old plumbing or inefficient water heaters, the total system energy efficiency is only around 50%. That means half the heating is wasted as the water is heated and distributed before it comes out of the faucet. Today's water heaters can be part of a green initiative to help protect the environment, improve performance, and save on energy costs.

There may also be codes or requirements mandating a minimum energy efficiency level with new construction or water heater replacement. An energy factor or EF rating measures the efficiency of the water heater. The more energy-efficient the heater, the higher the EF rating. That translates to more consistent hot water at a lower cost.

When you consider how many people in an apartment building depend upon hot water, it's apparent why energy efficiency is even more important in these buildings. Having the highest EF rating possible helps conserve our natural resources while providing the safest and most reliable water heater available. 

What Happens During New Apartment Plumbing Installation?

An apartment plumbing installation starts with an evaluation. Several factors can affect the exact process, such as how many floors are planned or how many dwellings will need to be supplied with water. In the initial roughing-in stage, the weather may also have a significant impact, as this is when the supply and waste lines are run under the slab. The next step is an inspection to ensure everything is performed according to the plan and building codes. 

Once the basic plumbing has passed inspection, it is time for the slab to be poured. Additional fixtures and lines are installed as the structure is framed and as additional levels are built. Because of the complexity of multitenant units, it is critical that the plumbers are highly experienced in working on apartment building plumbing. 

Call Same Day Water Heater Pros in Denver, Lakewood, and Littleton

With commercial and public buildings, it is critical that you keep them in good repair for the health and safety of the tenants. As many building owners can attest, using plumbing professionals who aren't experienced in multistory or multi-dwelling units can cause numerous headaches and a host of complaints from tenants. Everything from hot and cold water crossover to piping imbalances can cause unintended and unpleasant results. 

Same Day Water Heater Pros are the most trusted plumbing professionals for all your apartment/municipal water heater installation and repair needs in Denver and Littleton, CO. Our team understands the importance of fast, professional response and quick resolution of problems. Contact us today for dependable, professional service for your water heater repair or replacement on the same day. 

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